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Welcome to Geoff's NetMeeting List.

Below is our list of all the NetMeeting ILS's (Internet Locator Server) that I knew about on 2/16/98. Make sure you get the final version of NetMeeting from Microsoft's site at

I'm going to work on keeping this list up-to-date, but for now, we need to know about your ILS server. Please send e-mail to to list your own ILS server here. (To setup your own ILS server, you'll need a permanent connection to the Internet, Windows NT 4.0 Server, and the free ILS server component that you'll find here: ).

If you find broken links here, please let me know at I'm trying to weed out the ILS servers that are consistently not operating anymore. I also will weed out the ones that don't support version 2.0, since that's what everyone should now be using.

CAUTION: * Some sites have people with offensive listings and/or content on them. The technology does not exist to remove them permanently at the present time. The new NetMeeting 2.0 Release Candidate 2 lets you hide the offensive listings by having users register as "adult," "personal," or "business" users.

NetMeeting is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Send changes, additions, deletions to

(Green colored selections are included in the default installation of Microsoft NetMeeting 2.0).

tr align="center" valign="bottom"> Argentina Spanish speaking. Argentina Spanish speaking. Brisbane, Australia   Website for above server  Australia Bendigo Senior Secondary College Sydney, Australia Students who want to meet English language teachers for getting help with English via the Net. or Adelaide, Australia Business-to-business communication Brazil Meeting people around the world Brazil Brazil or Brazil Brazil Netmeeting Site or Brazil Here we speak Portuguese China Chinese and Chinese Canadian site China China ULS server Colombia    Croatia SPAN's ILS server or Czech Republic SPRINX, Prague Czech Republic Biggest ISP in Czech Republic--for public use  Czech Republic    or
Czech Republic Denmark Business Net's ILS server
  Denmark      Dansk Internet Adgang ApS
France French Cybercentre France French ILS   Webpage for above server  France French NetMeeting server Germany Germany University of Ulm Germany ULS server of Interactive Marketing Partner Germany German ULS server Germany Pharoweb is a Sitebuilder Level III member Germany Germany Germany German and English NetMeeting sites Germany Germany Germany Family, Business, Clean Chat only, School Germany Erotic, Flirt, etc Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany    
       Bonn, Germany Experimental server, doing customer support Greece Hellas On Line's ILS server Patras, Greece The School of Medicine, U of Patras. Hong Kong; Indonesia Jimmy's ILS server Italy   Website for above ILS  Italy New ULS just started for or
Italy Italia Online. Italy Japan Toshi's ILS server Netherlands TrefPunt Nederland is a general server for Nederland locals. Netherlands MS-online gaming. Website development. Netherlands Same
Netherlands Netherlands Locator Server of Unit 4 software, Dutch and English New Zealand For Client support, all Kiwi's welcome Poland Polish speaking Portugal Portuguese NetMeeting site
Slovakia First Slovak ILS server ( ) Spain - Alicante First Spanish Netmeeting Server or or Spain IP is or or
      E-mail Spain NetMeeting sites as reported by Microsoft/Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain    ( Spain Spanish NetMeeting place
Sweden Netdating, no restrictions. Switzerland Switzerland Stefano's ILS server Taiwan Trinidad and Tobago
  Rafael's ILS server Istanbul, Turkey MagNet's ILS server
Turkey Turkey

Mostly Turkish
United Kingdom or Uruguay Spanish Speaking US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US One of Microsoft's six ILS servers US Web version of above server US Four11's general server US Web version of above server US Four11's server for business users US Web version of above server US Four11's server for family users US Web version of above server US NetMeeting Place's ILS server US A place for Webmasters Bremerton, Washington Soundcom Communications. #1 ISP in Kitsap County. Soundcom friends and General audiences US Server dedicated to Anime and Manga Fans or
Shelbyville, Kentucky ISP Iowa Clinton Internet Service USA Open Erotic NetMeeting Server. Adults only. Associated with the Sexuality e-mail list. Melbourn, FL Public Server
Primarily for busines use, yet clean, wholesome chat is permited by the general public. Sexual content is expressly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Providing Networking Solutions for the Future
General, no-charge public use
US Adult NetMeeting server or Huntsville, Alabama The University of Alabama in Huntsville An ILS server for Chinese users or Ed note: I couldn't hook onto this one No information given US I couldn't get this site to work Website with info about above server US (Ohio) An ISP servicing the world Massachussets, US This is part of POPULUS Website about above server US Julio's ILS server US Adrian's ILS server Casper, Wyoming Dallas, US NY, USA This is an education ULS NY, USA Website for above server US For facilitating business communications. Website for above server Kentucky, US KIH Online for their users and otehrs Illinois, US Service for family, friends of Q-com VC1 is an Internet virtual community. Experiemental ILS server Texas, US Corporate site. Track friends and relatives. Website for above server
United States Adult NetMeeting server United States Adult NetMeeting server US Coder's Communication Center US James Rohacik's NetMeeting site San Francisco, US JKPWARE's ILS server Electropolis (e-city)

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